About GEMS

I always say that every child is a hidden gem, and only good teachers can make them shine brighter. GEMS is an acronym which stands for a method I discovered in 1990's to explain the Order of Operations in Arithmetic. It's found as a result of a child who struggled even with the order of two operations in simple calculations. After introducing the new method, the child enjoyed following it and improving arithmetic skills in a rapid phase.

So, if your child is finding Maths difficult in school and needs the right guidance, look no further. You have reached the right place. Contact me and discuss your child's needs. I will show how I can help him/her improve in Maths within months. I can only guarantee that your child will enjoy doing Maths and move to the top group in school  within 6-12 months if you follow my program correctly.

How I teach

Maths is a language for me, and I teach how to  improve this universal language using a very simple, structural model which I've developed with my 30+ years of experience in teaching children in Sri Lanka and England. I'm very kind and friendly as well as supportive with all your child's learning needs, but also very strict with my plans and timings. That means, I will guide and motivate your child to excel in Maths but there's no chance or excuse for ignoring or not completing the given learning tasks. Many children try not to follow parents' guidance at home but they happily follow what the teachers ask them to do. This is my experience with most of the children who make sure all my given tasks are completed within the given time frame whereas their parents find it difficult to get them do studies.

Why your child should learn from me

Almost all of my former students have been selected to UK's top grammar schools and independent schools. They have also secured entry to the best universities in the UK including Oxford, Cambridge, LSE and Imperial College. I have a very simple approach to teach Maths to children with any level of knowledge. My own simple methods, unchallenged new strategies and practical approach have helped many children even with learning difficulties, to reach the top level in school, and most of them even chose to study Maths further in High school as well as in university.

It's my greatest pleasure to teach children and see that they move to their dream schools and universities at the end.

Thank you, and hope to meet you soon.

Jayantha Herath

Jayantha Herath

Founder - GEMS Education (UK)